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Horse Tales Publication
1444 Glenwood Drive
Gardnerville, Nevada 89460
Ph: 775-265-7137 or 775-790-1880

Editor and Publisher
Sharon DeCarlo
Assistant Editor
Lynn Scott
Staff Photographer
Sharon DeCarlo
Advertising Sales
Sharon DeCarlo
Poetry Editor
Richard Smith - Minden, NV
Regular Columnists
Micheale Tristram -
Carson City, NV
Michelle Marie -
Washoe Valley, NV
Don Blazer - Texas
Kim Harris, Gardnerville, NV
Kim Chappell - Gardnerville, NV
Mary Cioffi - Gardnerville, NV
Sandie LaNae - Carson City, NV
Sharon DeCarlo - Gardnerville, NV
Poetry Contributors
Richard Smith - Gardnerville, NV
Baxter Black - Brighton, CO
Gene Skaug - Washoe Valley, NV
H.R. Miller - Stagecoach, NV
G.B. Griffith - Reno, NV

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Horse Tales Publications is a monthly newspaper that is devoted to all breeds of horses and all styles of riding. The 38-year-old newspaper is diverse and features articles on horsemanship, training, safety, equine health featuring up-to-date vaccine and medical advancements information from UC Davis Equine Research.

Horse Tales is known well all-over Northern Nevada and Northern California and parts of Utah and Idaho for its great reading enjoyment. We take great pride in the monthly columns that so many readers look forward to such as Cowboy Poetry (Recording Life in Verse) featuring Richard Smith and Recipes from the Ranch House.

We have some of the best horsemen in Nevada sharing their expertise and techniques and approaches to riding and training horses. There is a great fun side for our readers as they are treated to the monthly Not so Trivial Trivia section with 20 questions that will leave you a more knowledgeable horseman or historian than you were before. We have received great positive feed-back on this section.

One of our top goals is to keep you up-to-date and informed on western and horse events schedules in our Keepin’ You Posted section right next to our classified column.

Our readers will also find articles written by farriers, saddle makers, tack and gear experts as well as Equine Veterinarians to help you make some important decisions on how to go forward with the care of your horses. Each page is packed full of important information and many issues are collectable as we have learned over the past 36 years. This monthly newspaper is sent to every feed, western store and many restaurants and convenient stores in Northern and Eastern Nevada as well as Northern California and is free to everyone that picks it up.


Serving All of Nevada, Northern & Central California, and Parts of Utah, and Idaho