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By Kim Harris As a youngster in the 1970s, I recall my granddad speaking of individuals he told to “go pound sand!” Well, even I understood it to mean “Get Lost!” Then a few months ago, a friend of mine asked me what I knew about the history of the “Sand Pounders”? Me, I wondered if these individuals were famous for being interlopers and annoying? So, naturally I was intrigued and I had to find
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By Kim Chappell One of the scariest things for kids is when they fall off the horse. And rightfully so. Sometimes the fall is a plop to the ground, a slide off the saddle, a bit of a launching in the air, or some dramatic aerial where the kids actually land on their feet. And, then of course there are the more serious ones where injury occurs. While I have seen all of the above,
Horse Tales Blog
The greatest match race in American Horse Racing History Seabiscuit Versus War Admiral Information compiled from Thom Loverro a Washington, D.C.-based writer “Horse racing was in its  heyday, and Seabiscuit was an enormous cult hero,” said Laura Hillenbrand, author of the bestselling book “Seabiscuit.” “He was the number one newsmaker in 1938, a star with the kind of  magnitude you don’t see today.” This race between two legendary horses was an event for the times,
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Margaret Stillwell
Life is a funny thing. You can travel many miles, and spend years wearing different hats, but if you are lucky, you get to return to your childhood endeavors. Such is Margaret Stillwell’s story. From grade school through her master’s degree, she would sketch horses on her assignments. Her instructors once stated that she didn’t need to put her name on her paper, they knew it was hers by the horses drawn all over it.
Horse Tales Blog
By Cindy Hartzell Edited By Bruce Hartzell Listening to horses is a skill that involves more than just using one’s ears. It involves a willingness to explore and master four other senses: Sight, Smell, Touch, and Extrasensory Perception. The latter is defined as; the faculty of perceiving things by means other than the known senses, such as: by telepathy or clairvoyance. I realize others may find themselves uncomfortable with the idea of telepathy or clairvoyance,


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