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One-Eyed Charley Parkhurst – Stagecoach Driver
Dear readers, in this edition I know I promised to tell you about how towns were named during the westward expansion, and I promise you that tale is still on it’s way, but I had the rare opportunity to interview a stagecoach driver from yester-year, and I thought you’d be interested in this driver’s experiences while employed here in Northern Nevada and California. Here is my interview with One-eyed Charley Parkhurst – stagecoach driver. Now
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A Gritty Young Cowgirl
Grit – a firmness of mind and spirit. Resolute – marked by firm determination. Initiative – working independently without a need for guidance. Tenacity – a dogged, stick to it attitude. To successfully be in this world of horses, livestock, and ranching you have to have true grit. I love this word GRIT as it truly is the mark of a good cowgirl. And I am not talking about wanna-be’s, but rather the real deal.
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A dedicated team of professionals at UC Davis work around the clock to help newborns beat the odds. Posted by UC Davis Center for Equine Health Horse Report | Jul 8, 2017 | Article, Foal Care, Veterinary Practice One of the most thrilling and heartwarming experiences in the equine world is seeing a healthy foal stand within minutes of birth. However, sick foals can have some of the highest mortality rates in veterinary medicine. Therefore, the effort to save them takes a
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In the May 7th Saturday race at Churchill Downs, Rich Strike, which closed at 80-1 odds — the longest of any horse in the field of 20 — won by 3/4 of a length over Epicenter and third-place finisher Zandon. It was the second-largest upset in the race’s history Saturday. Rich Strike’s team won $1.86 million of the Derby’s $3 million purse. The only time a horse overcame longer odds to win the race was in
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UPDATE – Kimmy has a new sister. Ms. Kisses was found injured on the range. She had been attacked by a predator (as best we can tell). So the 1st TWO orphans of the season are here. Both needed vet care and are eating and drinking well. KIMMY is Here. She is an abandoned, orphan foal. She was found scared, alone, hungry and cold in the mountains. We are heading to Doc right now, but


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