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By Mary Cioffi Where do the wild horses go during these bitter cold, windy, wet winter storms? After years of watching wild horses during all kinds of weather I find their ability to survive incredible!   Sometimes people tell me that horses don’t need shelters because they don’t have them in the wild.  In the wild the horses have miles and miles of terrain to wander over.  The lead mares hold the memories for the
Horse Tales Blog
~ By Kim Harris of Western History ALIVE! I think I’ve kept you in suspense long enough. The end of 2021 was a challenging one, so here’s to a brighter 2022. To be honest, this was a difficult article to write. By using the “installment” method, I was able to put off the inevitable…until now. This is the final chapter in the life of Sgt. Reckless USMC. The previous installment ended as Lt. Eric Pedersen
Horse Tales Blog
Rain, hail, sleet, snow, out into the inclement weather we go! Nothing seems to stop these kids from wanting to ride and be around the horses. So the threat of rain on a Sunday morning did not deter the group of kids that were just waking up to get ready for horse camp. As I sat at my desk with my morning coffee, my hands wrapped around the warm cup, I shivered at the sound
Horse Tales Blog
Contributor: Linda Zimmerman In the spring of 1965, a small group Northern Nevada Arabian horse owners met with the intention of forming a club supportive of the Arabian horses’ multi talents and bonding the Arabian owners, as well.  The result was that in September of 1965, the Nevada Secretary of State recognized the formation of Comstock Arabian Association.  Some of the names of those gathered at that formative meeting may be familiar to ‘old time’
Horse Tales Blog
January 25, 1935 – May 8th 2021 The Corley family lost one of its own, Chuck Corley 89, beloved brother of Jon Corley. As most of us know, the Corley family is a well-known Carson Valley Ranch Family. Jon and Paula are known for their charitable activities in our communiy. They are also the founders of the great Harvest Festival Pumpkin Patch held every October here in Gardnerville. The Corley Ranch is now operated by


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